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monomproduct innovation team

We design products
and every aspect
their environment.

Our design process does not end when we finish crafting the product itself.

We create all the experiences associated with the product and
its holistic business proposition, from service, contents to marketing.

Our integrated creativity enables us to design next generation innovations.


who we are

monom is Hakuhodo’s creative team that designs products and provides a wide range of services related to these products, such as business model development, business management, and consultations.
Our diversity and integrated teamwork allow us to create product innovations which reflect human insights, as well as contemporary and future focused insights.

what we do

  • 01Hardware-driven in-house and
    joint business development
  • 02Planning, designing, and
    consultation on hardware-driven
    business development
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our approach

Driven by New Perspectives

We're more about engaging with real people, not just chasing after the latest technologies.
We’re more about deciphering the times, not just speculating what lies ahead.
This is how we discover new perspectives that drive all that we do.